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Thanks for visiting the F-100 Supernationals website. We truly appreciate your feedback and suggestions to help make the F-100 Supernationals better each year.  Please Call Charlie at 423-623-4644 or 423-465-5855 for any questions regarding the F-100 Supernats, or e-mail us at

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    1. We are very sorry, this was a shock to us as well. We also have spent a lot of money on items for the show with the wrong date that we will have to throw away, so we completely understand your frustration. The second we have the new date we will be posting it here and on Facebook. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  1. I went the show in 92.
    Got told you had quit having them.
    I can not come this year but will make plans for next.
    I would love to buy some tshirts.

    1. John, we are definitely still going strong. We would love to see you at the show. If you wish to purchase a shirt after the event, contact Charlie at 423-465-5855. Thanks!

  2. Is October 5,6 & 7th the accurate date for the Nat’s in Pigeon Forge ?
    Is this F100 Supernationals in Pigeon Forge in October the same show that was in Lebanon in May in the years past ?
    Was there not a Supernationals this spring ?
    I am glad the show is going back to Pigeon Forge !

    1. Yes, those are the correct dates, It is the same show that was in Lebanon. We held a spring show, but due to so many requests to bring it back to Pigeon Forge, we decided to hold a fall show as well. It will now be held annually in the fall from now on. Thank you!

  3. In the process of registering and do not see any place for a class. Will that be done on site ? Thanks and looking forward to the weekend.


  4. We made reservations for the 24-30 dates. Now you are saying the show not until October 5-7???. I know you probably won’t miss me but I guess I’ll miss the show. I am very disappointed. We drove from Pennsylvania for this show for the past 5 years.

    1. We are very sorry, the City of Pigeon Forge would not allow us to have the show on the originally planned dates and we were forced to change weekends. Most of our guests were able to change their hotel reservations with no problems, we hope that you are able to do the same. Again, sorry for the date change but we tried to keep our website and social media updated with all of the latest info to avoid any problems like this. We hope to still see you at the show.

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